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The results are in and boy are they crazy 

First let us begin with the Zodiac signs. I apologize in advanced for the blog’s small font. I hope it isn’t too hard to read.

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I’m catching up on things unrelated to this blog. I’m almost done. Bear with me 

In other news, I would like to ask if anyone has a chart or the information of star signs distribution in the general population. I found one site but it seems like they completely forgot to move the decimal in the correct spot and I don’t know if I should trust it. I wanted to make a chart for what we got and compare it with the chart of normal distribution and see if it is any different. I have fluctuating estimations of MBTI types. I just chose the medium number for the chart. I wanted to show visuals and stuff so we can make our own conclusions :D

Also, I am still making confessions. I just have been catching up with a lot of things. So, don’t worry about that.

Thank you all for your patience. 


Both polls are for Slytherins only but I couldn’t change Poll 2 to say that 

For all followers who are not Slytherin (there are some). I apologize for the exclusiveness. I just want to make sure all who answer are Slytherin so that our results aren’t compromised. Thank you for your understanding.

[CLOSED] Poll number 3 (FOR SLYTHERINS ONLY): What is your astrological sign (not Chinese. The western zodiac)? 

[Closed] Poll number 2 (FOR SLYTHERINS ONLY) : What is your MBTI (Myer-Briggs; 4 letter personality) type? 

Was it you who did the poll of if there was a majority of INTJs and INTPs in Slytherin, as well as the enneagram numbers? I'm interested in what astrological sign most of us Slytherins are. I'm Capricorn, who are very ambitious and determined people. Curious if there's a pattern.


No, I only did an introvert vs Extrovert poll. Though I should perhaps do the other. I don’t think there would be a big trend with astrological signs. Though temperament in children do correlate with temperature at times. I believe I read a study about children born in winter months vs summer. I can’t recall exactly. I’m a Libra as is my twin, who is also a Slytherin. We can probably do a poll and see what we got. Maybe we will all be surprised. 

imagine draco asking you to the Yule ball and falling in love with you


Is this a confession? I can’t see how it is exactly. So, I’m going to go with it isn’t.

I’d probably reject him because I would think he was playing a mean joke and I would want to protect myself from humiliation. If he fell in love with me? And I was a teenager again? I probably wouldn’t notice. I never notice those things until it’s too late.

I dunno.