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In response to your introversion vs. extroversion poll: I am a Slytherin and classified as an introvert according to the test I took iny psychology class.

Yeah, I took a test as well and was clearly an introvert. However, as unfortunate as it is, I couldn’t say if everyone who responded to the poll knew for a fact by test or clear understanding. So, I had to place it as a limitation. :(

Edit: I edited the limitations to be clear that no tests were assigned to the participants in order to answer the poll. That they could have had tests or not but there was no way to tell which was which.

Are Tumblr Slytherins more Introverted or Extroverted?: Really Casual poll but I’m going to write it up all semi fancy but still casual 

Introduction: So, remember that poll I put up? Well, we basically wanted to know whether our house leaned more towards extroversion or introversion. The books do little to assist as most Slytherins didn’t have enough “screen time” to truly analyze their personality. We can clearly say that Draco is extroverted. He was the one to approach people and gathered a bunch of friends.So, that helps with the argument. Snape was definitely an introvert, however. In a way we can’t say for sure what everyone else was. Introversion and extroversion deal more with energy. “Introverts are drained by social encounters and energized by solitary, often creative pursuits” (source). Whereas, extroverts are more energized by their experiences and social encounters. (more about extroverts here) There a lot of misconceptions between the two as people believe introverts either hate people, hate socializing, can’t be the life of a party or even be leaders. People also believe bullies are more likely extroverted and that extroverted people are clingy and annoying. These are all debunked in a Psychology today article here. So, now that is out of the way, let’s get on with it.

Methods: Poll question

  • Sample size: 90 (either responding to post or sending asks)
  • Three categories were recorded: Introvert, Extrovert, Both.
  • Some people said they were one but could be the other in certain situations. These responses were analyzed and talked about to other people whether they should count for both or not. Certain ones that are used for work situations or seems to be something they must learn to do and seem to be a chore were counted for one not both. Like with extroverts who like to be alone sometimes. Still counted as extrovert and not both. But those who feel they simply can do either and it was said simply like “Sometimes I’m like this but then I can be this way easily” were counted for both.


  • Introvert: 55; 61.1%
  • Extrovert: 25; 27.7%
  • Both: 10; 11.1%



  • This is tumblr and it is an internet site and people who are more extroverted may not be on this site as frequently as introverts. Though I couldn’t find anything to prove that theory. Also, I have four friends on tumblr two are extroverted and two are introverted. So, I can’t really say. But if it is true, it would greatly skew the data.
  • No tests were assigned to the participants in order to respond to this poll. It was only by how people identify themselves (be it by a test or their own belief). However, there was no way to discern between the two. Some people may not really understand the concept of introversion vs extroversion. They may only know the stereotypes and could merely be basing their ideas on am I shy or not. 
  • There is no way to prove every single participant was an actual Slytherin. Some answers came in anonymously and there was no way to tell who had sent it.
  • There is also no way to tell if people were truthful and speaking of themselves or just said their ideal / what they think a Slytherin would be like.

Conclusion: From the data it seems most of us are introverted. However, it would be wise to do another study with an actual test. Why I didn’t think about it before was probably because I’m not that bright. Lol. But hey it’s an internet survey not an actual research study. So, take the information how you will.

I don't think any of the houses are definitely one or the other. Ravenclaw would seem introverted, but then Gilderoy Lockheart. Gryffindor would seem extroverted but then Neville. I'd imagine hufflepuffs would be shy-to-friendly for the first few weeks, then everyone would be friends with each other and hang out in large groups, whereas Slytherins would be polite to start with then soon break into smallish groups that they're confident and friendly with.

I think so too. We all are different even in our same house. I don’t think, if we were to do a large study with all houses, that our houses have any influence to the degree of introversion or extroversion that we report to have. And if our houses do, it is but a slight influence.

Could you possibly just detail all the good things about Slytherin? Because it's my house but I feel like all I ever see are negative things...?


There are good and bad in every trait. Even bravery can be foul if used in the wrong type of situation. 

However, our traits as Slytherin are as follows:

Cunning: having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion.

Basically being able to lie effectively or leave out information in order to get something you want be it a goal or prize.

Cunning also means attractive but I’m sure she didn’t mean that definition buuuuttt it’s nice to think about.

Ambitious: having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

Now I mentioned that we all have dreams and that’s not necessarily bad. However, when I mention dreams, I mean like life goals. Like I dream of having a best selling book and getting a really huge house to live in. Maybe become famous but not too famous. Just enough to live comfortably. It’s a big dream and that’s ambitious. So, it’s not just any old dream. It’s a big dream. 

Shrewd: having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.

I talked about this a bit. It’s noticing little things, paying attention to detail, accurately accessing a situation.

Which is good because you don’t want to come in a room with yelling and come to the wrong conclusion. You need to access what is going on and figure out how you can fix the problem and not make it worse.

Self-preservationists: Jo says that we look at all options before proceeding. This makes sure we choose the right path to go. This, also, means we hesitate a lot. We think things through which is good.

We need to think things through and figure out the best way to proceed. It reduces mistakes, injuries to ourselves and to others. I think it also helps us to think of how someone might take something we say. So, we may not say so many harsh things if we think before we speak.

Clever: basically intelligent. I think that just speaks for itself.

Resourceful: having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties

Like McGuyver or if you want a real world situation. I dropped a wire behind a desk and couldn’t get it. The desk (which was connected to other work stations) was too close to the wall. I couldn’t move it unless I disturbed three other people. So, I took a ballpoint pen and bent the top a bit to be more like a hook and slid it between the crack and got my wire back.

It’s basically using what you got in creative ways to get what you need.

This is an awesome trait to have and very useful. I just think it’s a good trait.

Leadership qualities: Leadership is said to be “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task” Which just sounds confusing. lol

Basically, it’s the power to tell people what to do. Like you can influence people or lead people. In school projects, you may take charge and allot jobs to people. I was one of those people during the project that was like “Dudes, we should meet or something.” Ace leadership there *sarcasm*.

This is pretty good when there is a situation that needs someone in charge. We can get people to calm down and listen. We can possibly help many people by instructing them on what we can do to reach our goal. 

achievement-oriented: We like results. I like results. You like results. There is no way I’m going to do something and come out empty handed.

Achievement-oriented is that we like something to come out of our hard work. We like to gain something. 

Achievement-oriented may look bad but think about it. If you are seeking to cure cancer, achievement-oriented is looking a little better. Darn right, get those results!

traditionalists: We like tradition and long-established things that we do. I’m not the most delicate with words. I have a severe love for antiques and old fashion manners and etiquette. Do I do them well? Not really but I do admire them. XD

determined: We don’t give up.image

I think that sums that pretty well.

This is good because we don’t stop halfway. Which helps if we are trying to rescue someone. We don’t just stop. We get the job done!

and fraternity: We take care of our own. I don’t know what else to say for that trait. We take our family and friends seriously and we protect them. Our friends are our family. Something like that.

I would put we all have the seeds of greatness but that could be a reference to the fact we are ambitious and determined. 

So, those are our traits and as you can see, they can be used for good or bad. Ambition is the one most people can see turn sour. Cunning is a little sour on it’s own. Tradition is great when it’s like Christmas or holding up your family’s honor but blood purists and things like that? Oh no!

This is too long. XD

I am definitely more introverted. I don't get my energy from other people, but I socialize very well. It is exhausting, at times, but I can. I just have to keep in mind that the whole introverted/extroverted thing has to do with how you get your energy.

Correct. Introversion has much to do with how exhausted you feel after social interactions. The want to be alone and just have you time because socializing is just a chore. With Extroverts socializing comes rather easy and they tend to feel energize. They seek the company of others. I’m just resaying what you said but in a different way. So, that anyone who was confused of what they were can read this and it might help.

I would think most Slytherins are extroverted. In the books and movies, I think the majority of them were, especially Draco and his little clique. I know there is much more to being a Slytherin than fitting the stereotype Draco kind of molded but looking at the main characteristics I just think Slytherins would be extroverted. Cunning, brave, talented, natural leaders, and bold stick out to me as the big qualities so I'd think extroverted... maybe that's just me though.


Well, you also have Snape and he’s really introverted. So, I think even the books show both sides as well. Which is why I was like “We should probably do a small poll”. Because I think we can be either and I agree, Draco was extroverted.  But I’m sure we will see extroverts that like quiet time, Introverts, who know how to socialize well (I socialize pretty well when I’m out there. I say hi to strangers and I can start conversations. Introvert doesn’t mean shy, after all. It means that I prefer to be alone.) Some Slytherins would be introverted based more on the self-preservation and shrewdness. Like Michonne in the walking dead that didn’t say much to people and seemed stand offish because she was observing the situation. Brave isn’t a trait of ours and neither is bold. Neither is talented if you think about it. I mean we could be but that doesn’t mean it’s a trait. However, leadership qualities is one and I believe you need a certain charisma to be a leader and connections help to get goals. But the more I think about it, it isn’t necessary to be extroverted to do that. However, it definitely helps! 

Slytherins: Are you more introverted or extroverted? 

Poll Closed

Do you think most Slytherins are Introverted or Extroverted? And why do you think that? (I'm an introvert myself and I was curious if most of our house are also introverts)


I lean more towards Introverted because I am HIGHLY introverted. Which we all know gives me terrible bias. I mean, I went to Florida with my friends, we stayed at a condo or something, and  I never left my room. It just takes a lot out of me to be around people and I prefer to be alone. 

I would think most would be introverted BUT I think we have quite a few extroverts. By our traits alone based on our shrewdness, self-preservation and cunning we lean towards introverted. However, based on our leadership qualities, fraternity, and even ambition we lean towards extroverted. This is because connections help you rise to the top. We need to be charismatic to be a leader and form connections to achieve our goals. 

So, I think the only way to truly know is to take a poll. Which…I Will!

In another post, that is lol.