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To mod Eva: Definitely try to get into the Gringotts ride early as it can be a bit of a wait otherwise, it wasn't til the 3rd day I was there that I actually got in there at a good time where it wasn't over an hour wait. I was there a couple weeks ago and you will totally have fun. If you get the dual park pass, you can take the Hogwarts express between Hogsmede and Diagon Alley which is definitely amusing too.

My friend and I went early to gringotts (before I read your message) and the line didn’t seem very long. Probably 45 minutes. (it was 10 am). We got close to the area where the goblins were and the line halted. Apparently there was mechanical issues. For a while we just sat around waiting. The weak were weeding themselves out. Then, we went into waiting again and realistically it was around 15 outside and probably 20 inside when we were moving. When we finally got on the ride, it was fun and then, it stopped. The whole ride stopped and we were held up in this spot with no way out for a while. Mechanical issues. At this point, because of the mechanical issues, we didn’t leave the area until (and this is from waiting in line when it is moving and when it wasn’t moving and the ride itself. we left the area around 12 something and I remember getting worried about my locker but thankfully everything was fine. It was an experience. - Eva

I wasn't sorted a Slytherin/Ravenclaw hat stall during beta on Pottermore, now that I've experienced the world I sometimes feel like I'm a Ravenclaw. I often feel like I've picked the wrong house. I love Slytherin, but I sometimes feel like a bit of pariah in Slytherin. I sometimes fear that might not make me a Slytherin. Aren't Slytherins all about family/fraternity? I've tried being in Ravenclaw, I don't feel right. I always miss Slytherin and I feel like I'm ignoring my Slytherin side. Help?


I don’t know if this is a confession or you want me to answer it because of the question on the bottom but I’m going to do both!

Don’t worry. Hermione was an almost hatstall with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor but it was through what she valued the most that Gryffindor won. What do you value? Do you value ambition, survival, fraternity OR success more? (you don’t need to value all. You can value one or two) Or do you value knowledge for more than just getting a goal, learning, or individualism more? (Same with this) I mean do what you feel is right. If you don’t like being a Ravenclaw, no one will force you and perhaps the Slytherins you have been hanging around are just not the right types. We have so many different types of people here and I bet there are plenty who have had the same hatstall. Just as there are probably plenty of Ravenclaws that had the same hatstall as well. Also, if you feel Slytherin isn’t for you, we will not tie you down and demand you stay. This is about you and where you want to be. 

I say go to where you feel right, go to what you value the most and maybe do some introspection. That’s the cool thing about sorting issues like this because you can learn so much more about yourself. You can open doors to understanding the essence of your life goals and things of that nature and I think that is beautiful.

Wherever you choose, I’m sure there will be people there to welcome you warmly. In every house, there is variety. You will find wonderful, alright and not so wonderful people everywhere. I wish you luck on finding the right house for you.

Just an update on everything. 

I’m going on vacation tomorrow. (Today’s my birthday btw and my twin’s)

Anyway, I’ll be checking out the new Diagon Alley at the wizarding world. My Hufflepuff friend is taking me down to Florida for a whole week. Love those puffs.

Anyway, there won’t be any new confessions pictures during that time.

I will return on the 22nd. So, expect an update on the 23rd. From there, each day will have 5 confessions. I will answer all general asks in order. So, if there are 10 confessions before an ask, I will complete the pictures first before answering the ask because they have waited longer. Though it is simple to just answer asks, I don’t want people who have figuratively waited in line to have someone cut in front.

It’s to be fair. I’ll be getting to all of them but unfortunately, I won’t be able to make any during the trip. 

Thank you for your understanding,


These Slytherin should cheat confessions 


I will post them, however. Because yes, I can understand the logic, however, cheating is not exclusively Slytherin and doesn’t mean that since you cheat you are a Slytherin.

1) It is not listed as our traits. Any means can simply mean determination. Determination doesn’t equal cheating. It could…

Reblogging some old post because I forgot if I said I would post them or not and well, some nice info. And I am not saying if you cheat you can’t be a Slytherin. I’m just saying it isn’t an actual trait. Like being mean or nice has no influence on which house you’ll go to (though being friendly, which isn’t the same as just being nice, is a trait of Hufflepuff). And if that’s the only reason you put someone in Slytherin, step back and look at everything else about them instead of focusing on a stereotype.

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